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Saturday, 27 June 2009

A Life Less Ordinary

I've missed a lot of Big Brother this week due to birthday celebrations and travel so here's my BB10 tribute to Michael Jackson.

She's Out of my Life

The penny seems to have finally dropped for Sree as an icy calm descended on his relationship with Noiron. He did what any broken hearted lad would do in the circumstances. He dyed his hair ginger and went gay. Poor Charlie and Rodrigo were completely bemused by the cringe inducing come-ons from their hairy eared housemate.

Not even Siavash was safe as Sree slipped in to share his bath for a game of hide the soap.

Ebony & Ivory

Noirin and her Simon Cowell nashers have become a bit of a pain in the ass since the removal of her fake glasses. She's grown in confidence since her liberation but with her new found spunk has come a bossy bitchy streak. Is this the real Noirin or is it just her time of the month? I suspect it's the former and will inevitably lead her to be a former housemate.

Will You Be There

I'm so bored of the Kris and Dogface romance. Will they get it on? Will they last outside the house? Are their feelings true? Who give a flying fig! There's something bland and charmless about the pair of them. It's like they've been grown in a jar on some wet blotting paper by the editors of Heat magazine.

Can You Feel It

Freddie had a few treats for his birthday bash. The day started badly with the housemates chanting round a stone circle like extras from The Whicker Man. It was supposed to be a freeform music festival but was more like Woodstock for the tone deaf. Charlie decided he fancied a makeover and Kris transformed him from a 60s love child into a dead ringer for a Marbella barmaid. Freddie's special day ended with a birthday snog from Angel. She ravaged him over the ashtray with a glazed look on her face like a stoned porn star. Angel claims she loved his mind. Don't think she was searching in the right orifice.

PYT (Pretty Young Thing)

Rodrigo made a lovely Queen in the Tudor task. His sultry Latin pout was giving Sophie and Karly a run for their money as the most beautiful wife of King Siavash. These 3 pretties made up for the fact that Angel resembled Helena Bonham Carter as The Bride of Frankenstein and Sree and Freddie were The Ugly Sisters in this multi cultural pantomime.

The Girl is Mine

Noirin had a new admirer this week. With Sree and Marcus sidelined, it was Angel's turn to fall for her Irish charms. Maybe it was down to the removal of the glasses and moustache but Angel was suddenly besotted with her inner and outer beauty. It was another short lived affair. Maybe it's a culture thing but Western girls are not usually impressed to be told by a suitor that they have a fat arse and look 3 months pregnant. Having said that I'm sure that there's similar compliments handed out every weekend in Yate's Wine bar in Croydon.

Remember the Time

Quote of the week was from Lisa. While she was plucking a bird for the Tudor banquet she mused 'this is what they must have done to chickens in the olden days'. Does she think that modern chickens are bald?


There was a quite a few bad things happening in the house this week. Charlie was attempting to dance again in the Tudor task. Luckily his long dress and escaped nipples distracted the judges from his lack of rhythm.

Bullying came to the fore as the house launched a full out attack on the house eccentrics. Angel got the brunt of it as Kris kicked off and accused her of stealing some cans of cider. Freddie found the elusive cans in the fridge but Kris was defiant and refused to apologise. His reason being that Angel had eaten half a tin of cold baked beans in week 1. There is no logic to bullying.

Angel was targeted again when Charlie threw a bag of water over her as she embroidered her eviction outfit with Baco-Foil. Oh how they chuckled as the poor girl ran crying to the bedroom.

Noirin also stuck the knife in during the pre-eviction party. Out of the blue and at half past midnight on what could be Angel's final night in the house the Dublin Doyen swaggered into the lounge and ordered her to wash up a few dishes. An innocent enough request you might think but it was delivered with the venom of a cobra.

Only Freddie and Rodrigo showed any form of decency towards the Russian artist and in return were abused by Lisa and her cohorts for being 'too up Angel's arse'. Which brings me onto....

Human Nature

The Big Brother House always brings out the worst in people. Those housemates who are perceived as 'different' or eccentric are always isolated and attacked by the dullards. Freddie and Angel have suffered the worst this year and it was inevitable that they would be up for eviction on Friday. Angel was even too unique and strange for the Great British public and we booted her out last night leaving Freddie to survive another week of bitching and ridicule from the 'normals'.

Heal the World

Freddie for Prime Minister!

Monday, 15 June 2009

Summer Nights

You're the one that I want

Summer loving has definitely hit the Big Brother House this year. Kris is canoodling with Dogface but after BB asked if their romance was fake there's definitely an element of paranoia setting in. The cute and fluffy sweethearts are constantly seeking re-assurances from their fellow housemates about each other's intentions. Karly is relishing her role as Go Between as she clip clops from one to the other in her strappy heels.

Dogface has a bit of competition for Kris' affection though as Charlie follows him around in his shorts 24/7. Charlie's entire wardrobe appears to consist of shorts, shorts and more shorts. Newcastle girls are legend for going out without their skirts on. Charlie appears to be doing the reverse. Kris is playing along with his mincing mate and actually looked quite comfortable doing Girls Aloud routines in the garden with his camp chum. Metrosexual takes a lot of practice and this lad, in top to toe All Saints, has done his homework.

Grease is the word

No I don't mean Marcus' pony tail. I'm talking about Mayonnaise soup. Angel decided to go on a hunger strike in support of Noirin and her campaign to get her glasses and moustache removed. Not the most clever of ideas when your on national TV and already have a body that resembles a xylophone. I thought someone was going to mistake her for their Old Bamboo ;-) She stuck to mayonnaise soup and pasta water for 4 days but Big Brother refused to be intimidated and all she achieved was an even more sallow complexion, sunken eyes and a load of flack from Lisa.

Look at me I'm Sandra Dee

Apparently Charlie's parents didn't know he was gay until recently. He's obviously making up for lost time in the house and is fast becoming this year's disco diva. His rendition of Something Kinda Oooh obviously swayed the house into giving him the role of lead dancer in the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang task. More fool them. Girls Aloud - good dancing? They should have chosen Sree. He's an expert barn dancer in India, after all. They deserved to fail the task. Predictably Charlie turned out to have 2 left feet and about as much rhythm as a wheelie bin. Somehow they managed to pass the task despite Charlie's clumsy efforts. He consoled himself by squeezing into a pink rara skirt and skipping around the garden during one of Angel's keep fit classes. I want to like Charlie but can't help feeling it's all a bit forced.

Beauty school drop out

I'm really starting to like Karly. OK she's thick as mince ('what's horticulture') but you have to admire her commitment to fashion and beauty. She seems to be a good judge of character and have very little talent. In fact she could be the perfect Big Brother housemate. Oh and she can click her hip although I'm not quite sure if that will be a vote winner.

There are worse things I could do

After Freddie's egg salad faux pas last week it was Sree's turn to have a kitchen catastrophe. His lunchtime treat for his fellow housemates was raw bacon sandwiches with a garnish of cheese & onion crisps. Students eh!

Sree also had a run in with surly Cairon in the kitchen. The grouchy teenager was beside himself with rage because hapless Sree moved his cereal bowl a couple of inches on the worktop. Not the most clever strategy when you're up for eviction.

Hopelessly devoted to you

Despite being almost poisoned by Sree's snack, Lisa was very supportive when his romancing of Noirin went completely off the rails before it even got out of the station. It's been really uncomfortable veiwing. Sree has not taken the rejection well and is becoming more nasty and bitter by the day. I don't understand why the housemates are pandering to his childish and spiteful behaviour. I think he's the most camera savvy person in there. People that bang on about respect all the time usually don't have any for anyone else.

Blue Moon

Marcus the wolfman has drooling over bosoms all week. The self proclaimed Captain Cool as f**k has shown very little of said cool in the way he's been behaving around Sophie and Noirin. However I have to say I've been loving the way he's been winding up Sree with his offers to swap a can of cider for a sneaky peep of Noirin's boobs. Mind you I don't think he's gonna have much chance unless he starts paying as much attention to his personal hygiene. Musky pits and sour gums don't cut it with this pack of bitches.

We go together

The most bizarre bromance this year is between Cairon and Siavash. This odd couple are all over each other. Grooming and washing each other like a couple of neutered tom cats. They've become more and more tactile as their love blossomed before us. They finally declared their feelings for each other by painting smiley faces on their hairy bums. Romance is alive and well in Borehamwood.

It was a romance that was to be cut short as Davina announced that Cairon was the next person to be evicted from the Big Brother House. In typical Cairon fashion he appeared to be half asleep on the sofa as the house went live and ambled up the stairs and out to oblivion looking like Gangsta version of Blakey from On The Buses.

Looks like Freddie is the man to beat. He's the Susan Boyle of BB10. Daft as a brush and canny sing!

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Ali Baba and the 14 Thieves

Open Sesame!

We now have our proper housemates after poor Beinazir was cruelly packed off on an old Routemaster to spend her Sunday evening touring the Borehamwood roundabouts. There was no crowd or photographers to greet her which was just as well as she left the house looking like she'd been living in an Al-Qaeda bolt hole in the Afghan mountains for a couple of weeks.

Everyone was sad about her departure for about 5 minutes until Siavash's suitcase was delivered and his bizarre wardrobe was revealed to the world. To say his clothes are eclectic is an understatement. A bit like saying Katie Price is orange.

No sooner had this veritable box of delights been opened that the housemates decided to have an impromptu fancy dress party and emptied the contents onto the floor. Charlie was particularly excited as he rolled around in lycra and sequins with a large appendage attached to his face. Not for the first time, I bet.

Siavash tried to remain composed but you could tell he was seething at having his precious clothes thrown around the house like a Monday morning bin bag sort in a charity shop.

Of all the housemates I think Siavash is the one with a clear house strategy. He's already recruited Ciaron to his harem but I have a feeling this relationship may turn out to be like Abanazer and Aladdin. Watch your back lad! If he asks you to rub anything in the dark...... think on.

I'm fascinated by Siavash's chest hair grooming. WTF is that all about? Leave it be or shave it all off. That half hairy look is just stupid. It looks like he's recovering from open heart surgery.

Freddie has had a bad week. It started rough when he was forced to change his name to Halfwit but went right downhill when he caused the first 'gate' of BB10 by chopping up some eggs and lettuce. The housemates were beside themselves. His card was marked.

He tried to cheer himself up by stroking Dogface's neck and watching her pelvic floor exercises but she clearly has her sights set on curly Kris and wasn't having any of Freddie's awkward flirts.

Lisa is settling into the role of house mother but her demeanour can change very quickly. I've noticed that her cock comb cut is a clear sign of her mood. If it's lying flat then she's calm and friendly but as soon as it's up she's as spiky as the red flash on her head. It must be the testosterone.

Angel's had a week of ups and downs. Her solitary birthday party was perfect for the strange loner. She was positively beaming at the feast supplied by Big Brother. Obviously a bottle of milk and a half salami is considered a banquet in her homeland. Her eating habits are very odd. Whilst everyone else whooped and scoffed their pizza treat, Angel declined and got her lips around a raw egg instead. I guess you can teach a Grand Guingol to suck eggs. Sorry!

The quote of the week goes to the Fife floozy. Karly has apparently studied German at college but her understanding of language was clear when she announced that English and German are very similar because of the war. Now I never knew that. Amazing what you learn watching Big Brother.

I really can't make my mind up about Sree. He's either stark raving bonkers or a clever and conniving little git. He thinks everyone in the house loves him and they probably did for a couple of days. However if he doesn't get off that sanctimonious high horse soon I think there may be bloodshed.

His flirting skills are worse than Freddie's. He starts off by insulting the girls and making them feel like cheap whores. He sticks the morality knife in as far as it will go until the inevitable tears start flowing. That's his cue to slither over and comfort them with a kiss and a cuddle. I think he's a snake in cheap white sunglasses.

At the start of the week it looked like Saffia was the Queen Bee of the house, surrounded by her attentive boys. In a matter of days she'd been knocked back by Kris and virtually knocked out by a barrage of abuse from a paranoid pixie and walked out of the house wailing for her kids.

Sophia was clever. She knew that to survive in the house you need eyes on the back of your head. Maybe that's why she took to wearing 3 pairs of glasses.

Her misguided tactics didn't work and she faced eviction with Freddie. As she wisely predicted that it would be the public that decided her fate. We did and she was booted out after a flash of knickers and boobs like a Notting Hill Carnival version of Barbara Windsor.

She's dropped it till it's hot for the last time.

Friday, 5 June 2009

Dolly Mixtures

Well after the dull plain one lifted the BB crown last year to a chorus of raspberries what would Channel 4's strategy be this year to make sure we have a more colourful king or queen? 10 years in the making, this was going to have to be the cherry on the cake.

Davina was exquisite in f*#k me heels and tight leather. She's teased us on Twitter earlier in the day with a sneaky peak at her wardrobe choices. I think she made the right selection although if I'm allowed to give some constructive criticism - it looked like she'd run out of her Garnier shampoo freebies.

First off the block was an eccentric toff from a country pile with aspirations to be an MP. He obviously has friends in high places. Clearly supporting Prince Charles' Squirrel Cull Campaign and was wearing a couple of his trophies on his head to make a point. As Freddie wandered round the house on his own, talking to the nation, I couldn't help but think it was like watching the Sherrif of Nottingham in a pink tie and sneakers.

Next up was what looked like Pete Bennett after gender reassignment. A lover of women and rubber pants, Lisa was a bit scary on her VT but I quite warmed to her as she beamed and swaggered up the stairs like John Wayne going to a fetish party.

A blow up bed appeared next. Sophie's a talented and clever girl. She can hold a beer bottle between her boobs apparently. I'm sure that's every straight man's dream. Somewhere to put your beer while you have a quickie during the half time ad break on Sky Sports. She's got big ears too so if your still at it when the players run out for the second half you can manouver her head so you get a clear view of the pitch. Gorgeous girl. The crowd hated her.

Kris is a womanising window dresser. A creature more rare than an honest MP. He's a handsome young man but I'm worried about those sperm count killing tight trousers.

Exhibitionist Noirin claims to be very religious and lives her life by the 10 Commandments. Sorry love but those awful hair extensions were sinful. In the name of God, say three Hail Marys and get yourself a new hairdresser. She was terrified that her top was going to fall down. I don't know why. From what I could see the contents were empty. I just pray she's not going to expose her unusually long toes any time soon.

Cairon is obviously a fan of those superstar style icons - JLS. The lad looked very self concious on his way to the house. I don't know how he managed to keep his cool as there appeared to be a squirrel pulling his pants down. It was obviously trying to find somewhere to hide from Freddie. I'm not sure that plan was a good one though, as Cairon made it clear that he doesn't like things touching his bum.

The night was about to get really strange as an artistic Russian boxing pop star called Angel got out of the car and walked very slowly up the catwalk like a transvestite Victorian undertaker leading a hearse to the churchyard. Weird. Reminded me of Mary the witch from a few years ago.

Karly is a Scottish 3rd Division WAG who left uni after 3 weeks cos it was full of weirdos. She’s gonna love it in the BB house then! Hopefully she'll be out by the end of the month and back to hanging around the changing rooms at Stenhousemuir.

Scruffy Marcus was more Wayne Slobb than Wolverine. Dandruff and a dirty vest just doesn't cut it as an entrance outfit in my book. He has the face that only a Mother could love and even she can't be best pleased and having to hug those nasty spots on his shoulders. I hope he's brought some shirts with him.

I loved Beinazir. A crazy Pakistani who'd clearly spent a packet in Claire’s Accessories. She's got a voice like she smokes 60 a day and I thought her VT was the best of the night. She swears a lot and plucks her moustache. Sounds like my ex.

Squealing Sophia, in her over-sized Ugg boots, was like a Bluewater Ewok after drinking too much Sunny D.

A Brazilian Zac Ephron turned up next. The smiley lad from San Paolo said that England is turning him gay. I have a hunch that Rodrigo didn't have that far to turn. I bet he's got a suitcase full of skimpy Speedos and flip flops and will be pestering the male housemates to chase him round the garden within a week.

We always like a bit of rough trade in the BB House and they didn't disappoint us this year. An ex-Mr Gay UK from Newcastle ran into the house like he'd just nicked a bottle of Zamaretto from the local off license. Pretty blue eyes and a nice ass I might be inclined to check my wallet after a night out with Charlie.

I don't think Saffia will be a bookies favourite. A bitchy spunk bucket by all accounts. The crowd jeered as she posed in a dress that was 2 sizes too small. Has she not heard of Body Shaper pants? I reckon she'll be out first.

Not much to say about Sree except that he reminded me of the bloke in PC World that sold me my new laptop.

The 16th and final housemate to arrive was Siavash. A very strange looking man with a big nose and well conditioned hair. He made a bee line for Angel when he arrived in the house. She smiled and appeared to be groping his groin as they got acquianted. Maybe she heard Davina saying he had a small willy but by the look on her face she seemed quite impressed with the Prince of Persia's package.

So that's our lot. A right mixed bag of pretty, sweet and sour candies for us to gorge on during the summer. Our Dolly Mixtures for 2009. I'm on a high already. Let's hope we don't eat too much and get sick this year.